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Criotam is a Bangalore based start-up enterprise with its advent on November of 2017. Brainchild of its founders, Guruprasad JP and Gurudatt JP, Criotam is centripetal towards innovative technologies in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning and Blockchain; and is fueled by the goal of creating a better value chain in the Ecosystem. At Criotam, we believe that sectors like IT, Finance, Banking and Electronics are undergoing a major transition with the actualization of new technologies and discoveries in the form of IoT, Blockchain and Data Science. Supplementary to this, we believe this paradigm shift in Technology, Research and Development will bring about a massive spike in job openings and also increase revenue in an exponential manner. We, at Criotam, are pledged towards lending a contributing hand towards this major transition in the digital age and progress towards the new digital ecosystem and build one of the leading Technological Data-driven enterprises within the next 10 years as defined in our anticipated growth trajectory. Criotam is fueled by the unparalleled passion and dedication of its members who have an unrivalled zest of taking up challenges and to bring forth more challenges with follow-up inevitable success as the company grows together.


Criotam, the thinktank of its creators– Guruprasad JP and Gurudatt JP, was born because of the instigation by the development of technologies in the domain of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Internet of Things(IoT) which were in the earlier phase of the decade a complex riddle wrapped up in an enigma. Guruprasad and Gurudatt had envisioned to demystify these advancements in modern technology and incorporate these so labelled as "Sci-fi" technologies in the corporate and commercial daily life. With a mission to be pioneers in leading the world towards the new digital age of complete decentralization, Gurudatt and Guruprasad built the foundations which paved the way to creation of Criotam Technologies Private Limited, a data-driven enterprise in strides towards becoming a front-runner in the scope of new advanced technologies. Guruprasad Jakki Penchalaiah, one of the founding brains behind Criotam graduated from National Institute of Engineering, Mysore with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Post graduation, Guruprasad has had major stints in very reputable enterprises like BEML, ACS Pvt Ltd, Suzlon Wind International Ltd, Shanthala Spherocast Pvt Ltd, Indo-US MIM Tech Pvt Ltd, Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd, Manipal Technologies Pvt Ltd holding prestigious job profiles like Quality Manager, Assistant Manager, Product Quality Engineer and Supply Quality Engineer. Guruprasad is an embodiment of true perseverance and zest for technology, crafted and crowned by his hunger and effort towards making the world a better place. A charismatic profile and a leader by example, Criotam showcases the genius he is. Likewise, Gurudatt JP, the co-founder of Criotam, graduated from PESITM, Karnataka with a bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE). With multiple accolades endorsing and crowning his list of achievements in his profile, an ever-growing list. Gurudatt has proved his skills as a Deputy Manager at Shahi Exports Private Limited. With true leadership qualities, Gurudatt possesses a technical thinking ability with a business approach towards any agenda which truly defines him to be an asset and a valuable catalyst in the growth of an enterprise he is part of.


Cr-IoT-A-M, an acronym for Cr- Cryptocurrency, IoT- Internet of Things, A – Artificial Intelligence and M – Machine Learning, was created with a goal to be a force to be reckoned with in the advancing Blockchain Industry. Blockchain, a technology which has transformed the way of digital transaction is taking the globe by storm. It is the technology powering Cryptocurrency transaction as to being a decentralized, distributed and public handler recording all digital transactions maintained across different systems thus preventing data theft, alteration or manipulation. Cryptocurrency was highly scrutinized by professionals and the general public due to questions arising on the security that it provides. Most popular within the sector to be Bitcoin, now with the advent of technology, Cryptocurrency also known as Digital Currency is being embodied within organizations and has become the primary form of transaction in many enterprises. We are far from completely transforming coins to digital currency but the path looks more distinct than ever. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are a fully-fledged technology in today's terms with its applications in all domains from medical sciences to aerospace. The widened aspects of Artificial Intelligence and the progress towards bridging the gap between self-conscious intelligence and machines has picked up pace at a rate unfathomable with some even stating, AI will reach the point of singularity by the next decade – an achievement deemed impossible during the era of traditional AI development. AI and ML are powering today's advancement in research and improving lifestyle also tackling leading problems and health issues – one predominately being cancer treatment. IoT – Internet of Things, a revolution in the domain of connected devices has taken the commercial products domain by storm. IoT takes the help of sensors connected to devices transmitting information to a unified platform called Internet of Things. The deeming illusion of the lights dimming automatically and the air conditioning handling the temperature of the room on its own is the marvel achieved because of Internet of Things. At Criotam, we work for achieving the mission of inspiring the globe towards the digital era of decentralization and Blockchain because of the sheer power and influence Blockchain possesses. At Criotam, we believe the power harnessed from Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can transform the world and here at Criotam, we strive towards achieving our end goal of becoming one of the leading names in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence domain. Embedded within the company's vision, Criotam strive towards paving the way ahead inspiring the world towards decentralization and growing to be a major tech hub in all its aspects and glory.



At Criotam, we strive to provide the most exquisite value-based products and services in the domain of Internet of Things(IoT), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc. Criotam just doesn't offer cutting edge new technologies, it goes the distance to provide services and products which have a positive impact and has a high Return of Investment (RoI) value and thus improving daily lives of people and businesses around the globe.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency - Build real time applications, Hyperledger - Private Blockchain, Ethereum - Public Blockchain
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Industrial IoT, Home Automation, Healthcare and Pharma
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Supervised learning, Unsupervised learning and Deep Learning
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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
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Criotam was established on foundations of high moral values and traits including discipline, passion and teamwork. At Criotam, we not only provide a modern state of the art workspace but also an environment to grow as a professional and as a person eliminating all corporative barriers and biases.
Criotam seeks for dedicated and passionate individuals from multiple backgrounds and interdisciplinary domains having the knack for bringing innovative solutions and ideas to the table. We look for talents who are willing to walk the extra mile and leave no stone unturned. Ubiquitous atmosphere of success and innovation is a trademark of Criotam and people who are successful here have one thing in common- they're capable leaders, motivated and innovative.
Join us to be a part of the revolution and discover the leader within you.




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